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Athens Greece tourist Attractions

Attractions / June 21, 2019

We could go on with the list of what to do in Athens if you are souvenir-hunting and what to buy, but you may want to remember your unique experiences with some more alternative souvenirs. Three of our favourite shops, the newly-opened Flâneur Souvenirs & Supplies, the alternative hub Forget-Me-Not and the inspired design shop Greece is For Lovers offer a wide variety of more modern and hip Greek goodies for you to take home. Grab a colouring book with the major Greek attractions to work on on the airplane, a notebook to jot down memories, a printed tote bag to carry back the REST of your souvenirs, quirky greeting cards, and tons of other fun and different little things made mostly by Greek designers. Support local innovation and creativity AND head home with something unique and memorable. Everyone wins!

Bonus Tip

The Athens Airport is truly a windfall for edible souvenirs. In addition to wine and all of the yummy things we outlined above, you can also find fresh things to enjoy on your flight or to try and tote with you. From the classic Greek yogurt to delicious feta cheese, this is your last chance to stock up on the best of Greek cuisine! They have recently opened a branch of the famous Thessaloniki Bakery ‘Terkenlis’ inside the airport terminal - grab a sweet eggy brioche-like bread (tsoureki) to go - it smells divine, travels well and your friends at home will love it - if you can resist devouring it on the plane! The Athens Airport also offers an official app, which includes various discounts at the airport shops (and we even prepared a guide with a number of other useful apps for travel in Greece!)

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