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Athens / January 6, 2021

Open Air Cinemas in Athens

Visiting an open air cinema in Athens means that you will enjoy your preferred movie under the athenian sky, by enjoying your favorite coffee or drink, eating and smoking, if you like. The combination of these activities creates a unique cinema experience! Whether you want to watch a brand new movie or an old-time classic one, visiting an open air cinema in Athens is the best choice you can make. If you are in Athens, here is a list with the most beautiful ones:

Cine Paris, Plaka

Cine Paris' history goes back to the.. 20's when a greek hairdresser built the first open air cinema in Athens. She used to live in Paris so this is why the place was named after that. During the 60s the doors of the cinema closed due to cinema crisis in greek capital city bit in 1986 the cine Paris opened again for the public. Today, it is the most beautiful outdoor cinema in Athens, as it is placed under the Acropolis. Especially at nights, Acropolis is always well-lit and having a view of this unique monument from your cinema seat creates an amazing feeling.

Cine Thission

According to CNN, Cine Thisseion is one of the world's most enjoyable movie theaters! Of course, this is because of its position, as you can watch the Acropolis and the Parthenon, while watching your favorite movie. At night the view is even better, as these greek monuments are well-lit and the whole cinema atmosphere that is created is amazing. You can buy a drink or a cheese pie (made by the people operating the cinema!) or even your hot-dog, and enjoy the athenian sky at it's best..

Through our Morning Strolls walk, you will have the chance to see Cine Thisseion before heading to Monastiraki Square.