Massage Envy - Greece, NY - Massage - 2833 Ridge Rd, Greece, NY

Massage Envy Greece

Travelling To Greece / August 26, 2022

2833 Ridge Rd
Unit 1C
Greece, NY 14626

(585) 613-7700

I really enjoy this place. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. They really make you feel at home, which is good because sometimes getting a massage can feel a little awkward. I first came here because if you've never had a massage at a Massage Envy their price for an hour is $39.99, and I needed a massage bad. After that their prices go up to $79.99 for an hour, which is still very reasonable. They have many options from facials to to deep tissue and aroma therapy. They also have a membership: $59.99 a month and you get a free massage a month plus discounted rates for any massage or facial after that. Highly recommended! I love my membership. The therapists are great. They make sure you're comfortable and you're getting the right pressure. They also explain what they're doing and at the end make some recommendations for you if they find anything they think could be off. I gave this place 5 stars because everything here is a perfect experience. From walking in the door and being greeted warmly by the front desk and the warm aroma in the air, even calling and setting up your appointment is a breeze. The therapists know what they're doing and work with you to make sure your massage is exactly what you want. The prices are affordable. This place is amazing!

Terrible location. I've been a ME member for years, but after having many bad experiences at this massage envy, enough is enough. Getting a massage here has been a gamble. Some have been very good, most have been bad experiences. *side note: massage envy lies about the massage times. For example: one "30 minute" massage is only 20 minutes of massage time, if that. Would not recommend this location to anyone.

The massage was good. On my way out, they say me down "for a glass of water" but then tore into a very aggressive high-pressured sales pitch for membership. I strongly, clearly, politely told him no several times, directly trying to end the conversation, but he continued until I got up and left. So any joy or relaxation I got from the massage was immediately lost and I ended up feeling very annoyed - the opposite of how one wants to feel when leaving a massage.

Starts late and ends early. Just call it a 50 minute instead of 60 minute so it's accurate. Over-promise and under-deliver... A business model that would be better the other way around, in my opinion.

I've had massages about 3/4 times before, it was my 1st time in massage envy, this place was very nice, the most inexpensive deal, 39.99 for a 50 min massage. I got there about 20mins before my appt because I know that there is usually paper work to fill out when ur a first timer at a location. They greeted me at the door, asked if I'd like water and then sat me down to fill out the paper work. I was later taken into this quiet waiting area, waited about 10min for my therapist and he walked me into the room. The room was pretty basic (dimmed lighting, heated table and low ocean music) we discussed my needs and he did a great job at accomplishing them. It felt like longer then 50 min but we got done just in time. He listened to my concerns, n really helped me with my back ache and the foot rub was amazing. I might be back but idk when since the regular price for a 50 min massage is about $90.

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