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5 STAR Holiday to Greece

Holidays / September 9, 2022

If you like your trips to come with an added dose of 5–star treatment, take a look at our luxury holidays to Greece.

Five-star hotels, in-house spas, gourmet restaurants — they’re a dime a dozen on our luxury Greek getaways. It’s choosing a resort that’s the hard bit. After all, Greece has 6, 000 islands and a sprawling mainland to it name. So will it be a big beach hotel in Rhodes? Or a mountain-view palace in Crete? Or will you go for a royal retreat in Halkidiki? If you’re feeling overwhelmed with choice, don’t worry — we’ve narrowed it down to the very best beach resorts in Greece, making choosing that little bit easier.

Why you should visit Greece

The Greek Islands

Crete — the biggest island in Greece — serves up loads of first-class hotels offering everything from massive family pools to private beaches. Rhodes is another great island for a luxury break. Take the Princess Andriana Resort & Spa in Kiotari — its Jacuzzi® rooms are just the beginning of its chic good looks.

Mainland Greece

Brand new hotels are popping up all down the coast of Halkidiki, making it a top choice for those who like to be first to check out an up-and-coming resort. Top shelf offerings of in-room Nespresso machines and Ibiza-white beach restaurants are often balanced by an old-world rural setting among olive groves.

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