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LongHorn Steakhouse Greece New York

Travelling To Greece / May 18, 2021

1837 West Ridge Rd
Greece, NY 14615
(585) 227-6930

Went here on a Saturday night for dinner with 5 other people. Wait was about 45 minutes and we waited just that. Place is very noisy so you have to talk kind of loud to hear other people. Our waitress was very friendly. Kept our drinks filled and we always had bread and butter. I love their bread because it has honey on it and since it comes out warm the butter melts when you put it on. I did a steak with a sweet potato, asparagus (up charge since I didn't get salad). I ordered my steak medium rare and it came out just how I like it. Asparagus was a little salty for my liking and chewy on the ends. Sweet potato was huge but they burnt the outside so I couldn't eat all the skin. Should have asked for the brown sugar on the side as it was to much sugar. My fiancé ordered the 7-pepper steak salad which was huge! He enjoyed it.. Everyone else ordered their steaks medium and some said it was a little to pink. They have garlic mashed potatoes and regular mashed potatoes. Normally the garlic ones come with a certain entrée but you can order them. Heads up its not listed as one of their sides. Both people that ordered them loved them but one had some garlic with skin still on it. My fiancés daughter ordered French onion soup which she enjoyed and it came with tons of gooey and crispy cheese. Smelled amazing! She ate the whole thing. Kids meals are a good size also and they come with orange slices. For 6 people it came out to about $92.00 not including tip. Now they are not my favorite steak place but are decent for a chain. I would go here again if asked.

Met a group of friends last night for dinner at 5:00 and had about a 1/2 hour wait which was fine. Host was ok, server was great, place seemed clean. Food is kind of pricey for the portion size so was a bummer, it was good, but nothing great. The menu selection is good for a steakhouse in that they have other options that are different. The restaurant is noisy, I struggled to hear a lot of the time, but it's kind of family oriented so a lot of kids. All in all, might go back if in area, it was ok, but nothing great to make me return for the price.

Been twice. The food is pretty good; salmon was great, the potatoes were good, and there were some nice side veggies. The young host staff has been wildly rude both times were were there; mindbogglingly so. Our server was good the first time. Last time we were there, our server was also the bartender and she was impossible to find. She forgot our salads, never filled our drinks, and never checked on us. One of our meals was wrong and we had to flag someone else down to find her for us. She apologized, and we understand, things happen. But it wasn't a cheap meal so struggling to get what we ordered every step of the way was pretty lame.

First Trip in 2013 4 of us seated, waited 20 minutes for our order to be taken 3 out of 4 of us Order Prime rib and we decided on a appetizer. After 20mins our server returns to tell us they are our of prime rib. So.. we ask for menu's and select our new meal. Shortly thereafter the server returns to let us know they were also out of the appetizer we ordered. how did it take soooo long to discover you are out of a popular appetizer. I Vowed not to come back. Second Trip, March 5, 2016 Came here to "celebrate" my moms bday by honoring her favorite dish. There was an hour long wait. We hung out in the bar for about 10 mins and then we were able to commandeer a high top table. I got the Prime rib with a lobster tail. Hubby got the Ribeye with a side of shrimp as well as an appetizer. Food and service all great! Third trip, March 26, 2016 Ribeyes for 3 of us were great! Brother ordered chicken tenders and fries. They were out of ketchup, in the entire restaurant! The manager can't run over to wegmans?? No one noticed they were running low in this establishment? Seriously?? Also our server was a super space cadet.

Our server was great... my husband enjoyed his T bone but after feeling meh the last several times we've been here I just have to say...I'm not a fan. There are so many better places to eat in my opinion. Prices are not good for the quality. Cleanliness of the place was questionable. Again, our server was very good, although we've had hit and miss with that in the past as well.

They cook our steaks perfectly every time. They are the only steak place around that is open for lunch.

My family and I decided to have dinner here on a Saturday evening about 530pm. Without calling ahead, the wait for 4 was stated to be 20 minutes and we waited around 30-35. Our waitress was wonderful, always making sure we had drink and bread refills until our entrees arrived. Although my family and I have previously had good experiences here, this experience was not the best. My mother ordered steak with a side of lobster tail and sweet potato. Her meal was cold, and after sending it back it was again cold. We ended up taking it to go, however at that point the lobster tail was rubbery. All the other meals we had were also lukewarm. Although very busy, I do feel as though attention could be paid to the heat of the meals they are bringing out to their patrons. Unfortunately my mothers birthday dinner left quite a bit to be desired. Again, I have had other great experiences during slower hours.

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