ICE Lolly Holidays Greece

Holidays / May 30, 2021

Who doesn’t love a chilled treat whilst basking on the beach? It’s easy to pick your usual, but would you dare to sample the local iced delicacies? From olive flavoured gelato, to a traditional 99 – we explore the world’s weirdest and most wonderful ice lollies!


Greece is known for fabulous beaches, but iced treats have been enjoyed on them since ancient times, when Greeks ate snow mixed with honey and fruit. Nowadays, you can enjoy an array of flavours, from the traditional to unique Greek recipes, including Kataifi, which is chocolate made from shredded filo dough pastry, or Mavrodaphne ice cream made from Greek dessert wine.


Most will have sampled Italy’s speciality ice cream, gelato. Made with milk and water, in an array of flavours, gelato differs from standard ice cream as it’s thicker and therefore more filling, although that wouldn’t stop us overindulging! If you’re feeling brave, Tuscany’s Ignazio Morviducci has introduced traditional Tuscany tastes to his Gelateria, including olive oil or pecorino and pear!


Ice cream from Spain isn’t much different to Italian gelato, with flavours reflecting local desserts, including tasty treats like crema catalane. As ice cream is most popular in the summer, many stores become hot chocolate cafes in the winter! During the Spanish summertime, however, there’s an endless choice of beaches to enjoy your iced delight – just don’t savour it too long as the Mediterranean heat = a major mess!



The beaches of Goa are perfect for enjoying India’s traditional Kulfi. It contains more ice and isn’t as smooth as traditional ice cream, with favoured flavours including pistachio, cardamom, raspberry, mango and rose!


Ice cream is an incredibly popular dessert in the USA, with Americans supposedly consuming 13 litres of it per person every year! Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate are the favourites, best enjoyed on a sandy, sunny stretch of Miami Beach, but there’s certainly no shortage of exotic varieties, too. Why not try the Seattle special of cheddar cheese? Or, from the Californian town of Gilroy, the incredibly unusual garlic flavour?!


For a domestic delicacy, find yourself a suitably soggy spot on your local seafront and enjoy a 99! Failing that, you could always spoon straight from the tub whilst enjoying the rain-soaked view from your living room window.

Source: www.loveholidays.com