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Beaches Greece / January 2, 2022

The 10 best beaches in Sithonia can also be considered as Halkidiki’s top beaches. Sithonia beaches are favorites to tourists who come to Halkidiki since they have perfect white sand, crystal clear turquoise water and they are generally not over developed or crowded. While many Halkidiki beaches may look the same, Sithonia beaches are often unique in their own way.

When you are faced with almost 100 fabulous beaches, how do you narrow down the list to the 10 top beaches? Not easy we admit. We looked at different criteria since everybody has different needs. The best beach for you may not be the best beach for everybody. We took into consideration the following … what would: appeal to families with children, allow for good water sports, is well organized, is unorganized and quiet, even isolated, and how popular is the beach. We also used the “wow” factor, meaning, what beach upon first seeing it gives you the feeling of… “Wow! I just want to be there!”

Our 10 best beaches list has also changed over the years as the beaches change. For example Agios Ioannis was a spectacular camping beach but recent hotel development has at least for now forced us to reconsider this as a top 10 beach. Yearly we try to look at our top 10 beaches and make minor adjustments if needed. If you have a suggestion we would be happy to hear about it.