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Athens / May 23, 2020

DSC_0224Finally, she promised that there is more to come, mentioning the Hellenic Management Centre’s prestigious collaboration with Queen Mary University of London to offer the LLM in International Shipping Law (Piraeus, Greece), which was successfully launched this year.

Mr. Nicolas Tsavliris, the Chairman of the ICS Greek Branch and of the Tsavliris Salvage Group unfortunately could not attend this year as his business commitments have taken him to the U.S., but he addressed the Forum with his welcoming note on video.

The International Chairman of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, Mr. Michael Taliotis, FICS addressed a warm welcome to the attendees of the Forum. Mentioning the ever falling indices and pessimistic forecasts of the current shipping market, he expressed the opinion that the rise in numbers of ICS is one of the positive things in the industry. He made a reference to the specific figures as well as the BIMCO Education & Training award 2015. He congratulated the ICS Greek branch on its accomplishments, focusing on the impressive growth numbers, students’ success and distinctions and surpassing London for the 2nd time in terms of student numbers. He then underlined that ICS is internationally the most recognised body offering such qualifications for more than 100 years, through an examination process, that proves that its members can meet high standards of education. But it is not only education. ICS Bye Laws are based on ethics. With the motto ‘our word is our bond’ ICS does not only equip shipping practitioners with high standards of education, but also with an ethical approach to the shipping business.

Mr. Leonidas Demetriades-Eugenides, Chairman of Niver Lines Shipping Co S.A. introduced and put into context the topics discussed in the Forum. He reviewed the existing financial conditions worldwide commenting on recent events in Europe but also on the Asia factors focusing on the need for strong leadership and strong policies for the economy to grow.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA He went on to review current conditions in the shipping market and said that although we seem to be facing deep depression, Greek shipping always finds a way to be innovative and to emerge stronger after each crisis. He finally congratulated ICS Greek Branch on providing the shipping industry with skilled professionals, a demanding sector where there is no room for mediocracy.

Mr. George Gourdomichalis, Managing Director of Phoenix Shipping & Trading S.A., expressed his feeling that it is not such a pleasure to speak about today’s dry bulk markets as we are bouncing along on historical lows. He went on to explain that “View from the Bridge” in navigational terms requires that the master in command has a full view ahead of him and on both of his sides, today we, unfortunately do not have a clear view, the horizon is very cloudy and shows that we are experiencing serious “rolling”. He further said that owners’ view is determined by negative news from the world, existing investments and projections, commitments which need to be seen through and satisfied regardless of the market among other important factors as well as psychology which is currently off the charts and in very negative territory.

He view on the horizon was over supply of tonnage, lacking demand for tonnage, a slowdown in world GDP and trade, uncertainty in China and the emerging economies and regions and geopolitical instability. He proposed reducing supply by cancelling new buildings, postponing new buildings, not putting in new orders and recycling, to help clear the view of the horizon.
He concluded by urging the audience to watch the view from the bridge at Arthur Miller’s 1955 Play, set in the Brooklyn Docks and look for the silver lining at the ending.