The Chapel of St. George on Lykavittos Hill in Athens | MYSTAGOGY

St. George Church Athens Greece

Athens / July 11, 2017

Because the hill is difficult to climb, these structures were abandoned and fell into disrepair. In 1834, however, a monk named Emmanuel Louloudakis scaled Lykavittos, cleared the ruins and rebuilt the chapel of Prophet Elijah and dedicated it to St. George. When Monk Emmanuel didn't return from his climb, those who knew him assumd he died during the climb. Three years later some Athenians saw lights on top of the hill, and climbing up to discover their origin, they found the monk had made a small paradise with a garden and patio. Locals gave money for a road to be built, and the chapel began to be visited, especially on Pascha which is about the time St. George is celebrated. Fr. Emmanuel reposed in 1885 and his grave is near the chapel he built. Some miracles have occurred in the Chapel of St. George.

Today the hill is primarily a tourist destination to get a beautiful view of the city, and there is a restaurant for a dining experience with an exceptional view.