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Romantic Holiday in Greece

Holidays / December 1, 2020

From Santorini to Chania: The ideal destinations for romantic holidays in Greece.

Romantic holidays in Greece is an activity as old as the country itself. In ancient times the country used to be the stage for the romantic adventures of the Greek Gods. Today, hopefully, all the amazing romantic locations in Greece are available to all the rest of us, “the mortals”.

It is hard to handpick the best destinations for romantic holidays in Greece, as the country is so big and varied and has such a rich history. However, two places stand out from the rest…

Santorini – the most known destination in Greece for romantic holidays

If we could only say a word to describe Santorini, this would be “unique”. Born from the eruption of a large volcano – the one that destroyed the Minoan Civilization in Crete – it is considered a one-of-a-kind masterpiece carved by nature.

Travelling couples discovered the place many decades ago. It was not long after that Santorini became the favorite destination for romantic holidays in Greece.

The magnificent natural settings of Santorini are superb. The white-washed villages of the island stand atop the high cliffs, overlooking the Aegean Sea hundreds of meters above sea level. Add to this the picturesque small islands in the distance and one of most famous sunsets in the world, and you can feel the magnetic attraction Santorini exerts to romantic couples from all over the world.

The unique landscape of the island has to do with its adventurous formation. Once a circular island, like most, Santorini had an active volcano in its centre. After a huge explosion in the ancient times, the central part of the island submerged into the water, and the “new” Santorini island was born with its characteristic crescent shape, along with the small islands of Thirasia, Nea Kammeni (which was formed exactly on top of the volcano’s crater by solidified lava) and Asrponissi.

The locals catering to visitors in Santorini, have adjusted their services, year after year, to travelers visiting the island for romantic holidays, making Santorini the most known romantic destination in Greece.

Chania – the perfect place for romantic holidays in Greece for couples in the know

Although Santorini has long been the favorite destination for romantic holidays in Greece, in the last two decades, slowly but steadily, Chania in Crete has also emerged as the perfect romantic destination.

First of all, Chania is known all over Greece for its Old Venetian Harbor, a masterpiece of the times when the Venetians ruled the Mediterranean Sea. The Old Venetian Harbor, together with the picturesque Chania Old Town make the perfect setting for unforgettable romantic holidays.

On top of that, the region of Chania boasts some of the best beaches in Greece. From Agia Marina and Platanias, to Elafonisi, Falasarna, Paleochora, Sougia, and Loutro, to name the most known of them, the region of Chania is a paradise for couples loving to spend time at the beach together.

Last but not least, Chania has in place all the right “details” that make for a great romantic holiday: The friendly locals, the high quality services for visitors, and the fine taverns, restaurants, cafes and bars that you can find everywhere in or near Chania town.

Having a lot to offer to visiting couples, from historic sights of unparalleled beauty, to magnificent beaches, to great nightlife, Chania has become the ideal destination for romantic holidays in Greece.

And if you combine the magical charm of Chania with staying in Thalassa, the best hotel for couples in Chania area, you make sure that your romantic holidays in Greece will be nothing less than an once-in-a-lifetime select experience.