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Hotels / May 14, 2021

Bali is beautiful but be aware it is very very hilly if not hills then steps. The best way to see the resort is by the little train which will take you all around Bali it's €10 for two and takes about an hour. The harbour is nice with lots of bars and places to eat, a must is Postos cafe the food is huge and the drinks are good. Be prepared for lots of free ouzo and other treats when you ask for the bill. The middle beach as we called it has good cocktail bars and some nice restaurants, the Italian is a must if you like pasta and big pizza, followed by a cocktail next door, you will not move very fast or far after. I was not impressed with the end part of the resort but that's just my opinion.
The price of food across the whole resort is very good we paid at most €35 and the least €23 this is for two adults large beer glass of wine two mains sometimes a starter, learning not to have a pudding because they normally give you a little something with the bill. Drinks range from €2.50 to €4.50 per large beer depending what and where you drink, the wine is cheap and nice depending on your taste I guess, not much in the way of entertainment in the bars just music, but we did go out of season late September. On the whole very chilled, very easy days, good food, nice welcoming people, beautiful beaches, great place to charge your batteries.