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Pink Beach Crete Greece

Beaches Greece / April 29, 2020

ElafonisiThere are only a small number of pink beaches scattered throughout the world. They owe their exquisite color to tiny oysters named Foraminifera, which are red shells that are crushed in the sand, giving it a pink color.

The Canadian travel site has recently announced the most beautiful pink beaches in the world, two of which are located in Greece and more specifically on the island of Crete. These beaches are Elafonisi (pictured above) and Balos, near Chania.

Elafonisi is a tiny island, divided from the Cretan shore by a lagoon which is not deeper than 1 meter and located 75 km from Chania. The number of the tourists arriving daily during the high tourist season of July and August can reach up to 2, 500 people.

Balos, surrounded by a lagoon of pure light-green and blue color, is located on the southwestern tip of Chania County. It can either be reached by boat, or for those who prefer a more picturesque journey and enjoy a challenging hike — by foot. Balos is actually the exotic lagoon shaped by the peninsula of the Gramvousa and Tigani Cape. Like Elafonisi, Balos is flooded with tourists during summer months.

Beaches also included in the TravelVersed list are Budelli Island in Sardegna; Pink Beach, Komodo National Park in Indonesia; Pink Beach, Harbor Island in the Bahamas; Pink Beach in the Bermudas; Pink beach on Santa Cruz Island in the Philippines, and the Dutch Caribbean Island of Bonaire.