Caretta Beach Holiday Village - Kalamaki Zante Zakynthos Greece

Greece Beach Holiday Destinations

Beaches Greece / October 7, 2022

Tourism in Greece has enormously developed over the last decades and many tourism facilities are constantly created throughout the country. Small picturesque towns turn into popular resorts in Greece, without losing its traditional character, and tranquil Greek islands grow busy in summer months.

Travel to Greece and discover the the most popular beach resorts in Greece and Greek islands resorts. This resorts are great examples of the Greek natural beauty and have all the necessary features to offer you a relaxing and interesting holiday.

View our travel guides about 90 destinations in Greece and the Greek islands. You can also view the best destinations in Greece .

List of best resorts in Greece

You will find below a list with the best resorts in Greece. Resorts are listed by islands.

Santorini island

Santorini is considered the top holiday destination in Greece and was voted as the second top destination worldwide for 2005! It is world-known for its volcano and its romantic sunset. It is certainly a special experience to lie onto the Red Beach of Santorini, made exclusively of black and red volcano rocks. Walk along the narrow streets of Fira, Oia and Imerovigli, which constitutes the most popular resorts of Santorini, and get a view of its picturesque houses and impressive overlooks. Moreover, visit the caldera and take a boat tour to sail around the magnificent shores of Santorini. It will certainly be the experience of a lifetime. The ideal resort to stay in Santorini is contructed on the edge of the caldera and gives breathtaking view to the Aegean Sea and the volcano.

Mykonos island

If you are a party animal, then this is the right place for you. It is the most cosmopolitan resort of Greece, often visited by famous Hollywood stars. It is also the top gay destination of Europe. Endless day and night parties, extreme nightlife, amazing sandy beaches, white-washed windmills, traditional alleys and strong northern winds form the picture of Mykonos. Many luxurious villas have been built there over the last decades, owned by famous people. While you are in Mykonos, take the chance and visit the neighbouring islet of Delos, which constitutes an interesting, archaeological site. The most famous Mykonos resorts are within the limits of Mykonos Town. A famous resort there is Platis Gialos.

Rhodes island

It is known as The Island of the Knights. The Medieval walls, built by the Knights of Saint John, surround the Old City and lovely Byzantine and Catholic churches are spread all over the island. Faliraki is the most famous and crowded resort of the island. You should also definitely visit the Valley of Butterflies and Rodini Park, to get a view of the beautiful nature. The Casino of Rhodes gives to the island a cosmopolitan vibe.

Zakynthos resort Paros resort

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