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Famous Things About Greece

Facts About Greece / December 12, 2017

Spoon sweets and liqueurs

Very typical products and nice things to buy in Greece as gifts are the spoon sweets that are made from various fruits and vegetables. They are actually well-boiled fruits preserved in syrup. You can find spoon sweets from apples, cherries, melon, chestnuts, fig, orange, citrus, or even eggplants and pumpkins. Some fruits, like cherries, citrus, watermelon and strawberries, also make excellent liqueurs that are bottled and sold in many local souvenir shops.

Greek spoon sweetsGreek wine and ouzo

Apart from liqueuers, other typical local bevegares are Greek wine and ouzo. In fact, Greece has a large and high-quality wine production, therefore wine bottles are among the most popular things to buy in Greece. Regions famous for their wine production is Nemea in Peloponnese, Santorini, Rhodes, Crete and many others. Ouzo is also a famous Greek beverage that usually accompanies small dips and sea food in taverns.

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