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Fun Facts About Greece

Facts About Greece / April 18, 2017

Olga Gavrilova/Shutterstock.comSince we love exploring as much as you do, here is the next interesting list we made for you: 10 Crazy Facts about Greece. Maybe you want to go there for a holiday, or you’re interested in knowing more about this beautiful country. This is the place where democracy was born, a place with great history and mythology, a place where many philosophers and big academic names lived.

Greece is an amazing country – if you haven’t visited it before you definitely should. But today we’re into some crazy facts, facts that are hard to believe, but very interesting to hear and know. Just like we have recently provided you with crazy facts about Japan you won’t believe, now, we bring you some unbelievable facts from Greece. Weird customs, unusual ways of behaving, unbelievable laws and some beliefs you probably didn’t hear before. Let’s dive in:

It’s not forbidden – don’t be scared girls. Unless, you’re visiting some ancient archeological sites or monuments. Many of them are thousand years old, carved in stone, lots of them are fragile. “Wearing high heels there might damage the structures’ skin which is sensitive, and damage is un-repairable” – is the statement of authorities. So, when you’re up to visit Pantheon this year, be sure not to wear high heels.