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Belvedere Hotel Greece

Hotels / February 20, 2017

Through the luxury hotel’s stone walled gates, one walks into an impossibly charming bougainvillea clad courtyard. Entering the design 5 star hotel lobby, one soon discovers the understated elegance, design genius and rich history that have established the Belvedere as a truly iconic luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos.

Luxury Hotel in Mykonos Greece

Member of The Leading Hotels of the World, the Belvedere 5 star hotel property is located in the heart of Mykonos Town. Looking down towards Chora’s irresistibly pretty plateau of whitewashed Cyclades houses, the Belvedere Mykonos luxury accommodation stands for all that is beautiful in the Cyclades Islands and Greece.
Standing on the Belvedere terraces, a mesmerizing view of the wondrous Aegean Sea bathed in pure light, induces the beholder into an existence that feels almost ethereal.

Luxury hotel of peace and tranquility

The Belvedere luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos lies amongst lush gardens of cypress trees, bougainvilleas and wild laurels. In the morning, the soft hum of birds chirping against the distant buzz of Cyclades Island village life, gently welcomes guests to the beginning of a new day. A new day, that can start off with a soothing soak in the Jacuzzi or a revitalizing massage at the sedate ambiance of this luxury hotel in Mykonos.

Reflecting the spirit of Mykonos and the grandeur of The Leading Hotels of the World in status, the white interiors of the rooms and suites of the Belvedere Hotel create a cooling, calm ambience, truly refreshing in every sense.The Belvedere Hotel, one of the best boutique hotels in Mykonos, is based around one of the oldest, most inherently romantic mansions in Mykonos Town, the Mansion Stoupa dating back to 1850. Bringing it into the 21st century and turning it into one of the finest hotels in Greece, has been an ongoing effort of loving and thoughtful intent.

The architecture and design of the Belvedere property intentionally blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing new forms and functions to be invented. The additional 7 contemporary structures that have been added recently, strongly emulate the houses of Chora as they congregate organically around the Belvedere’s centerpiece asymmetrical pool.

Suggesting a quieter side to island life in Greece, the contemporary yet luxury design of the New Generation Rooms will reflect even further the imaginative creativity encountered throughout the Belvedere Hotel.

Mykonos Luxury Accommodation

Blending the chic boutique style of a small luxury hotel with the authentic elements of the Cycladic architecture Belvedere succeeds in capturing the refined essence of Mykonos in its stylish environs while providing prominent guests with an exclusive luxury accommodation experience.

Visitors are welcome to fully unwind in the ethereal atmosphere of their surroundings and cocoon in the exquisitely designed interiors while breathing in the essence of island tranquility.

From dusk till dawn the mellow ambiance allows for complete relaxation and repose.

The Belvedere rooms and suites have been fitted with superior amenities so as to surpass all expectations of discerning travellers and ensure a Mykonos luxury accommodation in every way.

Ingenious design elements incorporated in every space allow for versatility and mobility giving in such way purpose to every function.

Belvedere Mykonos accommodation is a masterpiece in itself that one must experience to comprehend.


A world of possibilities, activities, dining and entertainment options is at play in one of the finest 5 star hotels in Mykonos. A modern design Cyclades Islands playhouse of fine dining boasting some of the finest restaurants in Mykonos while redefining the art of fine living in the cosmopolitan Chora of Mykonos.

Blurring the lines between all that is inherently hip in Mykonos Town and a sense of understated luxury, the Belvedere has set the precedent for integrating Chora’s dynamism with world class innovative dining. With establishments such as Matsuihisa Mykonos, the Thea Restaurant and the Belvedere Bar, every dish that is created, is an extraordinary culinary adventure.