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Apollo Hotel Greece

Hotels / September 26, 2022


Sited right next to an enchanting sandy beach with crystal clear water and lush green surroundings, the Apollo Hotels complex is designed for the holidays of your dreams! Stylish design, warm hospitality, excellent cuisine, a wide range of facilities and stunning seascapes are bound to make your holidays at the Apollo Hotels an unforgettable experience. Conveniently located on the east coast of the island of Rhodes, just 14 km from the City Center and the Medieval Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, 35 km from the picturesque Lindos village and 5 km from the Afandou Golf Course, it’s the ideal base from which to explore the magnificent island of Rhodes.

sentido_apollo_blueThe complex consists of the Apollo Beach Hotel, a spacious four star hotel set in beautifully landscaped gardens and the SENTIDO Apollo Blue Hotel, a stylish five star hotel with a minimalistic design, reminiscent of ancient Greek architecture, and discreet luxury.


Stylish design, warm hospitality, excellent cuisine and stunning seascapes The 5* SENTIDO APOLLO BLUE is located on the impressive Faliraki beach on the island of Rhodes. Reminiscent of ancient Greek architecture, the hotel complex fits naturally into the landscape.Apollo_Beach Not only the impressive architecture and the breathtaking sea views but also the excellent cuisine and the warm Greek hospitality count in favour of a holiday in the SENTIDO Apollo Blue hotel.


From the very first minute you will bask in our warm hospitality. In the heart felt smile welcoming you at the reception desk, in the way we serve you, even in the atmosphere created by our reception areas so tastefully appointed. Apollo Beach Hotel is a large and modern hotel located in Faliraki on the northeast side of the island. The enchanting beach and remarkable surroundings nestled in greenery with flowering gardens, this Four (4) star hotel accommodation are bound to make your Holiday an unforgettable one! From the very first minute you will bask in our warm hospitality.

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