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Where is Zante Greece?

Travelling To Greece / July 11, 2022

By far the biggest and most commercialised resort on Zakynthos, Laganas heaves with bars, cafes and shops for more than a kilometre, all offering an indiscriminate diet of junk food fry-ups, bargain booze and tacky souvenirs.

Laganas is not the place for a peaceful break; they party around the clock here. Evening neon flashes along a Golden Mile of deafening music bars full of 'out for a larf' revellers. There are at least 100 bars on the main Laganas strip and they outnumber restaurants by about ten to one.

The beach is the biggest on the island and stretched for nearly nine kilometres. The sands are firm, hard packed where cars roll over and littered with touts plugging the clubs and flogging pirate DVDs.

The shallow water makes this an ideal beach for families and for nesting turtles. The meeting of nature and tooth-and-claw businessmen has not been a happy one.

Happy to cash in with tacky turtle trinkets and t-shirts, the ruthless of exploitation of the rare turtles is slowly killing them off as nests are bulldozed to make way for loungers and glass-bottom boat trips scare the she creatures away.

Stung by repeated criticism from the Council of Europe, Laganas has at least banned motorised watersports, but protection laws are widely ignored, nest sites are dug up and law-breakers go unpunished. As one commentator said “the animal will be killed off, only to live on as a Laganas fridge magnet.”

Frankly, anyone who cares about nature should avoid Laganas. There are plenty of places to stick a beach brolly other than through a clutch of turtle eggs or preventing them nesting just to get a photo.

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