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Self Catering Holidays to Greece

Holidays / January 13, 2018

Over 6, 000 islands of different sizes are located in the Aegean and the Ionic Seas. Only on 4% of these islands are inhabitated. The coastline of all islands comes to 75, 000 km, so there is enough space to enjoy the sun and the sea for everybody. Kilometres of sandy beaches can be found everywhere. You can also find so called 'black beaches' that have been created by volcanic rocks. Many of them have been awarded with a Blue Flag Certificate for particularly clean water. Those who like water sports will find perfect conditions for sailing, diving, swimming, waterskiing and windsurfing. Even hang-gliders have adequate conditions to fly the blue skies.

Archaeological treasures that can be found on many islands tell the history of Greece and its old cultures. The cultural heritage is still alive today in traditional holidays.

Greek islands are very popular among Greeks and foreign visitors because of their mild climate, short distances and optimal conditions on the beaches and in the water.

Most of the Greek islands are located in the Aegean Sea and they are divided into seven archipelagos: the islands of the northern part of the Aegean Sea, the Sporades, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese Islands, Eubea (the second biggest island after Crete), the Saronic Islands and Crete.

There is only one group of islands in the Ionic Sea - the Ionian Islands, and among them Corfu, which is a popular self catering destination. No matter which of the islands you choose, the best starting point is a holiday villa or self catering apartment.

East and west meet on Crete. You can notice that not only in summer temperatures, but also in the lifestyle and traditions. At markets, you quickly find out that the coasts of other continents are not far away.

No matter if you want a beach holiday or plan to get to know the people and the country, to see Knossos, the ravine of Samaria or Lassithi Plateau - there are endless possibilities of spending your holiday on Crete. The only limit might be time. Book your self catering property on Crete now.

Corfu has many names, but the name of 'the flower of the east' gives away its character most accurately. Many poets have written about the island in their poems, admiring the beauty of the landscape with multiple olive groves, citrus trees, acacias, myrrh bushes, cypresses and laurel trees. The capital of the island hides beautiful streets of the old town, which come from Venetian times. Clean beaches with endless possibilities of doing water sports invite you for a swim. Neighbouring islands, Paxos and Antipaxos, can be seen during a one-day trip. There are beautiful sand dunes in the northern part of the island. Strong winds attract numerous surfers. Book a self catering holiday on Corfu and experience this beautiful island for yourself.

The Cyclades visualise in a wonderful way all the images we have of Greek islands. White villages in the dazzling sun contrast colour with the deep blue sea, cloudless sky and blue church roofs, which rise above settlements. Mostly sterile vegetation will not diminish your fascination with the landscape. In summer, the quiet sea makes the Cyclades popular with sailors. Neighbouring islands, to which you can get by ferry, make it easy to quickly move from one to another.

Naxos Island is the biggest and the most beautiful of the Cyclades islands regarding landscapes. Syros is quieter than the lively Mykonos, which is, geographically, the heart of Cyclades. Paros Island is famous for the cleanest marble, and a picturesque fishing settlement also attracts many visitors. Santorini delights with its volcanic landscape.

The Cyclades are a wonderful self catering destination and it will leave unforgettable memories.

In the eastern part of the Aegean Sea, between Samos and Lesbos, lies the island of Chios, which, according to a local legend, is the birthplace of Homer. Chios has ferry connections e.g. with Pireus, and plane connections with Athenes and Saloniki.

The main city has the same name as the island, over which towers a mighty castle. In this port city on the eastern coast you can feel the oriental atmosphere.

The Austere Mountain, rising up to over 1200 metres, is characteristic for the northern part of the island. Mastic trees, typical of Chios, grow in the fertile, hilly south. Raw material for the production of liqueur, chewing gum and cosmetics is obtained from the trees.