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Rhodes / October 17, 2021

Real Estate in RhodesRhodes Island, this Perl of Mediterranean Sea, is a magic combination of natural beauty and ancient culture. UNESCO awarded the island capital (which is also called Rhodes) the title of a World Cultural Heritage Site.

Rhodes Island is a perfect place to purchase your real estate. The island population amounts to 120 000 people only, and its coast line is approximately 220 km long. It creates unique opportunities for various types of recreation and rest. Here you can enjoy the serenity of its secluded and not too crowded beaches as well as to experience the powerful rhymes of its large tourist centers such as Rhodes, the island capital, Ialissos, a charming little town on the sea front, Kalithea, a spa resort, and Faliraki, a place frequented by tourists, and enjoy their night life to the fullest. The youngest members of your family won’t feel bored in Rhodes either: Colimbia sea resort is perfect for family vacations.

Real Estate in RhodesSo you see that if you decide to buy real estate in Rhodes, you will have a lot of opportunities to make your beach vacation more exciting. For a change, you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of interesting excursions and guided tours: Rhodes Island is extremely rich in unique historical and natural attractions. You will be able to visit its ancient castles dating back to the Middle Ages as well as its archeological sites and reserves and to experience Rhodes orthodox monasteries and Muslim mosques, and no visitor ever misses the famous Butterfly Valley and a very romantic spot which is called The Kiss of Two Seas.Real Estate in Rhodes And your children will be happy if you take them to the Amusement Part, Aqua Park and to the Sea Aquarium.

Those who are keen on extreme sports and love to keep their adrenalin level high will also love it here. Rhodes offers such people lots of wonderful opportunities to learn diving or surfing, not to mention all possible kinds of water sports and entertainments.

When you buy real estate in Rhodes, along with the place to enjoy all kinds of rest you’ll receive a particle of Ancient Greece legends and myths. Those myths assure that it was exactly in Rhodes Island that Helios, the God of the Sun, chose to marry Poseidon’s daughter, Rhoda the Nymph. And it’s such a magnificent feeling - just to know that there is a place where the azure sea warmed by the soft Greek sun is quite your own and that you are welcome there any time. Especially if you take into consideration that the beach season here lasts quite long, from May till October.