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Polembros Shipping Athens Greece

Athens / December 27, 2019

Our perspective

We like what we do, we do it well, and we are constantly learning how to get better at it.

We believe in simplicity, quality and reliability and we are proud of our work and our company.

These values define Polembros and they define our colleagues on shore and at sea.

Our company

Polembros Shipping is a family-owned ship management company based in Athens, Greece. We manage a fleet of 4 bulk carriers and 15 tankers, ranging from Kamsarmax to Newcastlemax and from Aframax to VLCC.

The company began operating in its present form in London in 1974, though the family has been in shipping, as captains, chief engineers, and shipowners for over a century. In 1999 we moved our headquarters from London to Athens, where we are to this day.

In the early ‘70s, we established ourselves as pioneers in the oil transportation industry after transporting the first North Sea oil and also the first British oil ever produced.

Later in the 1980s, we used our offshore shuttle tanker operation expertise to serve the Brazilian oil industry. In the ‘90s we saw the rise of China and looked to the East. While still maintaining a global presence we developed our relations with the Far East and saw them grow as the 2000s boom ensued.

The 2000s boom completely changed the world of shipping. Today, continued oversupply and unlimited finance from capital markets and funds has changed the industry. We have happily taken on the challenge and have also set ourselves the goal of zero deficiencies and 100% customer satisfaction. With the arrival of the younger generation of principals into the company, these goals have become a top priority for Polembros. To attain them we have allocated considerable amounts of financial and human capital across the board to better serve our clients’ needs.

We are devoted to continuously improving our service, from upgrading our Planned Maintenance system to the more rigorous training of our personnel on board and on shore. We are particularly committed to ensuring our ships are safely operated and well maintained with capable and reliable crew. And we have decided that our next few acquisitions will be Greek-flagged, not only because we cherish our heritage but also as a token contribution to Greece’s recovery by helping young men and women find employment at sea.

Relying on our invaluable seamanship knowledge, on shore and at sea, modern technology, and our vision for the future, we are determined to continue doing what we do, what we are good at, what makes us proud.