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Late Deals to Greece islands

Islands In Greece / July 25, 2022

Discover Greece, the country at the crossroads of the world

With a location near the junction between Europe, Africa and Asia, Greece offers a unique blend of culture and history, mixed with the well loved staples of a Mediterranean break; namely a chance to unwind in more hospitable climes.

From the window into ancient times that can be found at historical sites in and around the capital Athens, to well over 1, 000 islands that dot the Mediterranean, Greece is truly one of a kind. There aren't many last minute destinations that offer so many enjoyable elements in one place, and our range of handpicked offers including the cream of the country's luxury hotels mean that you can spend your stay in style.

Greece's blast from the past

If you would like to spend a day or two away from the comfort of the sun lounger, it is almost unforgivable not to pay a visit to one of the many historical sites to be found in Greece, dating back as far as 200, 000 years. If you are staying in Athens, or are planning on taking a day trip, you will have attractions such as The Acropolis, The Agora, The Parthenon and the wonders of the National Archeological Museum to choose from.

The Acropolis is an ancient citadel situated with a dramatic hilltop vista overlooking the city of Athens. It was built throughout the ages by many of the city's leaders, and includes many buildings which are synonymous throughout the world with ancient Greece, such as the Erechtheion temple.

Take in the tranquillity of the Greek islands

The vast array of Greek islands, scattered far and wide over the Mediterranean Sea, are almost a world in themselves, and are worth spending a few days at least to tour. If you are looking for fine sandy beaches and a variety of beautiful coastlines which are largely unpopulated, The Ionian Islands could be for you. Meanwhile, the popular island of Corfu offers a bustling collection of some of the finest sea food restaurants in the region, as well as a lively nightlife that offers the opportunity to dance the evening hours away.