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Islands of Greece Holidays

Islands In Greece / May 30, 2023

The sheer number of Greek Islands can be a little bit bewildering – there are no fewer than 6, 000 islands scattered throughout both the Ionian and Aegean seas, of which 227 are inhabited. From the party island of Corfu to the historical behemoth that is Crete, Greek Islands holidays tick every single box, no matter what kind of break you’re looking for. From delicate Tilos, described as ‘a speck of land adrift in the Aegean’, through to the Colossus of Rhodes, this collection of eclectic, eccentric and unique islands promise liquid sunshine, astonishing history, delicious food and drink, the warmest of welcomes – and a surprisingly large number of donkeys!

It’s easy to pick your Greek Island holidays simply by closing your eyes and sticking a pin in a map of the region – no matter where the pin lands you’re guaranteed azure blue waters and whispering groves of gnarled olive trees. But by narrowing down your choice, you can get so much more from your holiday to the Greek Islands. Laugh, dance and smash a few plates at a traditional Greek taverna on Lesbos, visit the home of the Gods on Ithaca, or gaze at one of the most beautiful and romantic locations in the world; the dazzling island of Santorini Island.

Getting around will depend on which island you visit, but on the larger islands it’s wise to rent a car when you arrive. However, to really experience the perfumed delights of the mountains leave the hire car in the car park, lace up a pair of walking shoes and hit the hiking trails. Along the way you’ll smell the wild thyme and rosemary that grows throughout the islands, and see tiny lizards scuttling in and out of the rocks or basking in the sunshine.

Rhodes is one of the key Greek Islands holiday destinations for thousands of visitors every year. More laid back than Corfu or Kos, its stunning harbour and cobbled streets hark back to an older time. This is an island filled with monuments and sunny beaches - the perfect blend of ancient and modern culture that appeals to anyone looking for a Greek Island holiday experience that promises lazy days on the beach coupled with gentle exploring at a relaxed pace.

By contrast, Corfu is definitely a party island, with strong Italian influences as well as that distinctive Greek feel. Orange groves butt right up to the bars on the front at Ipsos, while Corfu Town is filled with cobbled squares and medieval alleyways that haven’t changed in hundreds of years.