Hotel Gaia Palace, Mastichari, Greece -

Gaia Hotel Kos Greece

Hotels / November 1, 2022

202 guests loved their stay

10 “Staff very friendly and helpful. Quiet location but easy to teach shops and restaurants”

United Kingdom

10 “Don't look any further. You've found the place! ”


10 “Extremely helpful lady receptionist. Great hotel and room with large comfy bed. Lovely well kept gardens and pool. Good selection of food and drink at breakfast. Car parking was fine.”

United Kingdom

10 “Very good hotel near the city! Good free internet Good food Friendly Staff”


10 “Very friendly staff. Excellent facilities. We had paid for bed and breakfast but were offered the evening meal for free. We loved it here. Within easy walking distance to Kos Town and the port”

United Kingdom

10 “Fabulous place staff were very friendly and helpful, reception lady was great nothing to much bother, food was great along with everything else, will definitely go back”


10 “It was 4 moms trip to KOS, no kids. So this hotel was wonderful!!! Just 10 points, not any less. Wonderful, tasty, various food. Clean rooms, wi-fi, conditioneers. Just 10 minutes from sea, 20 minutes to KOS center. Friendly staff! I would definately recommend!”


10 “The breakfast had anything you would think of... The staff was kind, caring, and helpful... The facilities were great! Close to town...2 minute drive or long walk... Walking distance to the beach.a few blocks away.”


10 “beautiful hotel, the front desk top, excellent cleanliness, very helpful and friendly, equipped with every comfort, we eat very well, definitely to be recommended! holiday made, the last week of August 2016”


10 “Karina at reception was very kind and professional.”


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