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Navagio Beach Greece

Beaches Greece / March 7, 2021

At the platform, you will have to wait in a long line, when your turn comes you'll have around 15 seconds to take a photo and you must leave. Not to mention that the best photos you can take are not from the viewing platform but from the little trail around the cliff!

I got really upset about it because we spent around 1 hour in a cafe in one of the villages, and for the most beautiful beach in the world we had only 15 seconds! So me and my friends decided to take a taxi the next day and come back to this wonderful place to experience it fully. I was lucky I was traveling with a group of friends and we shared the cost!

The drive from Zakynthos town takes around 45 minutes. After that, we had an hour to explore a bit. DO NOT limit yourself to the viewing platform packed with tourists! The platform doesn't offer the best panorama! If you follow the little path along the cliff, you will be able to admire the most beautiful views ever. Besides Naviagio, you'll also see a little hidden beach just before Navagio - it's perfectly visible from the trail (but not from the platform). There are very few tourists that walk this trail. It always happens in the touristic places. 99 percent of visitors just want a photo and leave. But the explorers get what's best!

From the path, you can take the best photos of the Shipwreck beach: the beach itself, the second beach, the sea and the cliffs. All in the frame. From the viewing platform, you will have to cut the edge of the cliff because it's too close. And you won't see the other little paradise beach. I have no words to describe the place and the feeling when you can sit down in silence, without hordes of noisy tourists and just enjoy it in peace. The best feeling ever!

You must wonder how did this ship end up on the most beautiful beach in the world. There are a few stories. But did you know that it is claimed that the ship itself after crashing formed the beach and made the sand built up around ceating the unreal blue shade of water? Some other theories state that it's the Greek government who placed to ship there - just to attract more tourists!