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Regal Cinema Greece Ridge Mall

Travelling To Greece / August 16, 2022

176 Greece Ridge Center Dr
Rochester, NY 14626

(844) 462-7342

I like this theater. Not over priced, nothing glamorous. Its a theater in the mall, what is there expect. Recently at night movies there has been some gang members that show up. Its a bit unsettling. Just dont draw attention to yourself. They can be in the theater too its just different. Ya know? 4 stars outta 5 because of that

Whatever. The seats are fine, the sound is fine, blah blah blah... We went for opening night of Star Wars, the most anticipated movie premier in a gazillion years, and they were not prepared. Hubby waited 20 minutes for corn dog bites. The family sitting next to us were told to come back in 30 minutes when the hot dogs were ready... And we were the very first show. Shockingly unprepared.

I find this hard. To review theaters that is. We as a country have low standards for movie theaters. We expect popcorn on the ground. We expect average seating to hurt our backs unless at AMC theaters. We expect high prices. If I am going off the standards then its average not great but its good enough. Friendly staff. A large number of theatre's at there disposal. Some of them are slightly small but its alright. If you live in Greece and its close its good. If your up to make allitle drive go to AMC theaters!

Okay let's just say that the theater is just okay. Because as they go there are a few things they can do way better BUT!! I've been there the last few times with my son and his friends seeing Kung Fu Panda three and Zootopia. So these two movies were both a surprise to me. I sat down with the other adults thinking okay well at least I can catch up on the local gossip while the kids enjoy the film, and both films actually blew me away Kung Fu Panda... OMG there were times I couldn't breathe from laughing so hard. I dare you to NOT see your co-workers in this film! Finally Zootopia... I think this was the first time I've ever seen a dramady in cartoon form. Forget Who Framed Roger Rabbit, that junk gave me nightmares! Lol. I have never experienced a film that made the entire theater react to the on screen action in the same way. I don't know what was better the fact that we all laughed at the same jokes or that we jumped out of our skins! To the film makers, thanks for bringing family fun back. For the theater lower the prices, geesh it's only candy not filet mignon. Enjoy!

Not a bad theater, takes me back to the 90's. I went and saw the revenant last night with my aunt. For a theater in a mall this one is huge. We were running behind and there was no line very nice lady at the ticket window took our passes and waited while I got my regal card app open to scan it for reward points. Concession asked us if we wanted popcorn or drinks we passed the concession stand because we were good. Ticket taker was very nice and thorough we got into the theater and it was packed. The thing about this theater is that they have regular movie seats not foo foo recliners. A note on the recliners I have been to a couple of theaters with them I get so distracted and disinterested because it does not feel like a movie to me. Or it may be my attention span/sensory system gets overwhelmed but regular stadium seats although a little uncomfortable is an engaging experience for me. The sound was awesome at the theater each gunshot and breath was loud and manly ground shaking bass like a pair of subwoofers in a car trunk and the screen was huge. I saw Leonardo decaprio get mulled by a bear and then sewn up on the big screen. The picture was nice and crisp. I loved the fact that I did not feel like this was a 60fps thing. If it was then I would have left I get motion sickness when watching 4K on tv but this theater . This is by far one of my favorite theaters in Rochester N.Y.

Manager is a complete jerk. I asked a simple question and he snapped at me for no reason. The place is a mess. Sticky floors, popcorn everywhere! Bathrooms are gross. The staff isn't friendly! (No wonder, I wouldn't be in a good mood either if that was my boss) All I can say is movies are no longer a cheap family outing! So if you're gonna over pay anyways why not go to a decent theatre? Stick to AMC in Henrietta or Tinseltown! Those are WAY better!!!

Since we were already at the mall, we went to a movie here. Honestly, since the AMC in Webster has the recliners and reserved seating, it has been awhile since we've been here. And, if I can help it, we won't be back. The ticket machine in the front area was closed down. Honestly, I'm not sure if it ever really worked before. Both the bathroom and the theater smelled oddly like a barn or horse stable. The picture quality and sound quality were fine. But Regal needs to step it's game up at all their theaters, not just Eastview. We'll be sticking with AMC from now on!

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