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Pink Sand beaches Greece

Beaches Greece / August 21, 2015

Horseshoe Bay Beach – Bermuda

7. Horseshoe Bay Beach – Bermuda

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of North America. It has several stunning islands, and the most celebrated of them is the Horseshoe Bay Beach. It is a long crescent of baby-pink sand, because of the bits and pieces of corals and shells washed ashore by the waves. The beach sweeps along the turquoise waters of the ocean, and is an excellent place for a walk.

6. Pink Beach of Great Santa Cruz Island – Philippines

Great Santa Cruz Island is a small island in Zamboanga City in Philippines. It is famous for its pink beach with coralline sand. One of the rarest pink beaches in the world, Great Santa Cruz Island boasts the only pink beach in entire of the Philippines which is full of many beautiful beaches.Pink Beaches of Great Santa Cruz Island This pink beach attains its colour from the crushed red organ pipe coral that got mixed with the sand during eons of surf erosion.

Imagine a beach… A beautiful beach, stretching along the turquoise waters of a vast expanse of ocean… A stunning piece of land arching off into the distant horizon… If the picture of a wonderful sea beach has been formed in front of your eyes, we reckon it has a lot of golden tints, or perhaps white sands. But, can you imagine a beach filled with pink sand? Well, now you can, because these pink beaches are just the imagination being materialized, and forming a land of fairy-tales amidst this big bad world.

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