Holiday Inn Express Rochester - Greece Hotel by IHG

Holiday Inn Express Rochester Greece Rochester NY

Holidays / October 14, 2022

Welcome to the Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Rochester-Greece

Enjoy a relaxing stay at our Rochester, New York hotel, which offers you premium amenities and an ideal location off Route 104, with quick access to the Rochester business district.

Our Rochester hotel is conveniently located near area attractions including Seabreeze Amusement and Water Park, Highland Park, the Seneca Zoo, and Geva Theater, all just a few miles from our hotel in Rochester, NY. Local AHL affiliate of the Buffalo Sabres the Rochester Americans hockey team. If shopping is your preference, check out the Mall at Greece Ridge, with over 100 unique shops, just one mile from our Rochester, NY hotel.

Business travelers looking for a hotel convenient to Rochester Airport (ROC) will benefit from our location near many area businesses such as Johnson & Johnson, Delphi, Eastman Kodak, Carestream Health and Jabil. Close to our Rochester hotel are several area colleges including the University of Rochester, SUNY Brockport, Rochester Institute of Technology, Roberts Wesleyan and Nazareth College.

Our Rochester, New York hotel aims to bring you top service and comfort with a 24-hour fitness center, free high-speed internet access, and our complimentary "Smart Start" breakfast bar. Book your Rochester hotel room now and Stay Smart at our Holiday Inn Express in Rochester-Greece.

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