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Family Holidays in Greece All Inclusive

Holidays / October 11, 2022

Greece is the land of ancient civilisation and culture, epitomised by the capital Athens. Bring history to life with a visit to Pericles’ Parthenon or the awe inspiring Theatre of Dionysus. Get in the mood for the 2012 Olympics at the Panathenaic Stadium, uniquely built from white marble. This abundance of culture is complimented by the presence of beautiful beaches, soaring mountains and thriving metropolises. Whether you opt for the mainland, or are drawn by the 1000+ islands, explore the options offered by booking an all inclusive holiday to Greece with easyJet holidays. Find out more on easyJet holidays to Greece

Enjoy the treasures of Greece on an all inclusive break

Athens may be the crowning glory of mainland Greece but the outer regions hold many treasures. The Peloponnese has the stunning Olympia, an archaeological site of international importance, Thessaly is renowned for its heady mix of beaches and mountains whilst to the north Macedonia and Thrace are places to relax with the Aegean Islands within easy reach.

For many, Greece is all about ‘the Islands.’ They embody all the ingredients necessary for a perfect holiday. Zante is the Ionian Island of sandy beaches and her sister, Corfu, is nicknamed the ‘Garden Isle.’ On Zante, families will fall in love with Tsilivi, finding all the facilities they need to enjoy sun, sea and sand castles, whilst the beach of Limni Keri (near Laganas) is considered by locals to be the most beautiful on the island. For those who enjoy their swimming, head to the west of the island and, if you want to catch a glimpse of the Caretta-Caretta Turtle, then you must venture to Gerakas Beach. Visitors cannot leave without seeing the most photogenic and unusual attractions of Zante: a must is the ‘beached’ Roman Argassi Bridge (not your usual view when lazing on the sand!) The dazzling Blue Caves on the west coast and the impressive Navagio (shipwreck) are also well worth seeing from the sea on one of the many excursions offered to tourists. Verdant Corfu refuses to be outdone by her sister and possesses many lovely beaches. Paleokastritas, a paradise of 6 interlinked coves backed by olive and lemon groves and the site of the ‘Moni Theotokou Monastery, ’ is arguably the most beautiful spot on the island. This island is also the place to party: for a fun filled night check out the resorts of Kavos, Ypsos, Sidari, Gavia and Dassia, where you will find bars and clubs aplenty.

The Dodecanese Islands of Rhodes and Kos are equally captivating. If you want a blissful combination of parties and relaxation, why not book an all inclusive holiday to Kos with easyJet holidays. Join in with the locals at a paniyiris (festival) or dance till dawn in the lively club scene. For the morning after the night before, take yourself to Thermes Beach with its luxuriously hot water and unusual black rocks. Alternatively, blow the cobwebs away with a spot of windsurfing on the exotic Mastichari Beach. Across on Rhodes, visitors are treated to some stunning vistas. Follow the celebrity trail to Anthony Quinn Bay, where he filmed for ‘The Guns of Navarone’ in 1961, before continuing to pretty Lindos, the place to be for rockers of the 1960s, including Pink Floyd! For a magical touch, take your family to the Valley of Butterflies, where these beautiful creatures spill from the valley in there thousands during August.

Relax on an all inclusive holiday to Greece

Greece is a place from which dreams are made. It possesses beauty, history, culture, and knows how to have a seriously good time! Ensure that your holiday is full of fun by booking an all inclusive trip to Greece with easyJet holidays. Remove the worry of budgeting, the hassle of searching for restaurants, sit back and relax with friends and family, knowing that by booking all inclusive with easyJet holidays, your wallet can have a siesta too!

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