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Boutique Hotels Greece Beach

Beaches Greece / August 26, 2022

Our range of Greek boutique hotels offers a stay as simple or as sophisticated as you wish. Choose from our selection below. The colours of Greece are unforgettable: sea in every shade of blue, dark cypresses against the setting sun, silver green olive groves, golden corn and terracotta earth. Tiny white churches, tumbling indigo morning glory and mountains snow-capped in spring.

Character, comfort and service

The GK Beach Hotel on Crete is a very special place exclusive to Simpson guests. With just 23 suites and junior suites, each with a balcony overlooking the sea, the briefest of strolls through flower-filled tropical gardens to a wide sandy beach makes this the perfect small beachside hotel. Genuine Cretan hospitality combined with wonderful sea views, a beachside snack bar, tavernas just a 10 minute stroll, an inviting pool and a rejuvenating spa makes this the most peaceful and relaxing of Crete hotels.Small and perfect, the Armonia on Samos is in a beautiful part of the island, surrounded by olive groves and pine trees, overlooking an idyllic bay. Another special find amongst our small hotels in Greece is the Ammos on Crete, a delightful beachside hotel close to Agii Apostoli.

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