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Best beaches in Rhodes Greece

Travelling To Greece / August 25, 2017

Rhodes Island in Greece is a heaven for holidays. The island is full of large beaches ready to be discovered. The famous, cosmopolitan Elli Beach right at the outskirts of Rhodes Town, the grandiose Tsambika Beach on the southeast part of the island, the “historical”, secluded Lindos Beach with the amazing view to the ancient Acropolis, Faliraki Beach, the hotspot of the island...the list for the best beaches in Rhodes is merely vast!

Cycladia has prepared a detailed Rhodes beach guide for the best beaches in Rhodes including not only the famous and cosmopolitan beaches, but the secluded hideaways as well.

Best Beaches in Rhodes, Greece

Without a doubt, listing the best beaches in Rhodes is not at all an easy task! Rhodes Island is full of long sandy beaches, most of them fully organized, like Elli Beach, Faliraki Beach, and Tsambika Beach. The small secluded heavens with tropical white sand and emerald waters, like Lindos Beach, Kallithea Beach and Kalathos Beach, should not be missed since they comprise a beautiful and important aspect of the cosmopolitan Rhodes Island in Greece.