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Alexandra Beach Hotel Greece

Beaches Greece / October 12, 2022

Alexandra Beach Hotel & Bungalows complex is located at the most beautiful part of Tsilivi sandy Beach on the beautiful island of Zakynthos. With a combination of relaxation with entertainment, quiet with adventurous holidays, romantic evenings by the Sea or Cosmopolitan life in the nearby town of Tsilivi, the Alexandra Beach Hotel & Bungalows is the ideal choice for guests of all ages and tastes.

How far is the nearest beach?
This hotel is located on the beach

Distance from Airport
This hotel is located 8km from Zante airport

Alexandra Beach Hotel has created many different room types to cater for every special need and requirement. Most guestrooms and public spaces have been renovated and elegantly decorated in order to provide accommodation and services of the highest standards. All the guest room offer balcony, bath and/or shower, radio, direct dial telephone, fridge, hairdryer, self-remote air-condition (hot & cold) and satellite TV. Twin rooms are located in the bungalows or in the main building.

Food & Drink
For the catering, hotel has created several food & beverage alternatives. In the bars and restaurants you may enjoy a light or formal lunch/dinner and celebrate in the Special Theme nights organized every week. The Pool Snack Bar, Terrazza Martini, The Sea Side Restaurant, The Main Bar and The Beach Bar are at your service.

Sports & Entertainment
Whether it is for business meals, festive celebration nights, adult & children birthday parties, weddings and other social gatherings, the staff assures that you receive the best possible quality and service. During the summer time, Beach Parties are organized with DJ and several surprises for fun and dancing until the morning hours.

Facilities & Services
Hotel facilities include swimming pool with terrace, sun beds and umbrellas, two lovely sandy beaches which offer sun beds and umbrellas and water pedalos and canoes on the beach with a small charge. satellite TV/video room, reception/concierge service 24 hours and safe deposit boxes. Wifi is available at an additional charge.

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